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 Congratulations to Kelly and Lisa
First Doberman in the United States
to be:
Officially certified by Therapy Dog International as a Disaster Stress Relief Dog!
The article below is an email posted here by permission from Lisa (Kelly's Owner)

 Here’s a short article about the test Kelly and I took on Sunday in Savannah, Ga. We started with 25 dogs and ended with 9 being certified. FYI – the Doberman shown in the photo with the horse failed because he barked at the horses and lunged at the ducks we had to pass closely by...

Although Therapy Dog International (TDI) has previously sent dogs to disasters such as the Oklahoma City Bombing and 911, they have just begun an intensive testing and certification process.  They realized that a great therapy dog doesn’t always make a good disaster dog, thus they put together the test to determine how dogs would react to situations that might be encountered in an actual disaster.

Kelly did amazingly well and is now the first Doberman in the country to pass the test and be officially certified by Therapy Dog International as a Disaster Stress Relief Dog. 

Lisa E. Mallory

URO2 Cabob's Magic Fire V Alpha CGC,TDI,RE,CD

As for other news:
Ice Man has Finished His AKC Championship Jan 2010
after a hiatus at home looking for majors.

Star only needs one 3 point major to finish.

Our Texas run was fun,
Star received 2 wins  for 3 points and only lost her class in 1 of 12 shows.
Ice man received 3 wins for three points and never lost his class in all 12 shows

Last but certainly not least we have Breaking news from Dozer - Orange Collar.
He was bravely entered and shown by his owners and during his first weekend out received winners dog and Best of opposite. CONGRATULATIONS Dozer
Check back with further updates often.